BTEC Assessment Rules

This is important information regarding the rules of assessment on your BTEC courses. You are bound by the assessment rules and failure to comply with them could mean you do not achieve your certificate.

Submission of evidence

  • Only one submission of evidence is allowed per assignment, the assessment criteria is assessed once only
  • This evidence must be submitted by the deadline with a signed and dated declaration of authenticity by the learner
  • The assessor must confirm that the evidence being assessed is the learner’s own work

If the above conditions have been met but you have not met the assessment criteria

  • The Lead Internal Verifier may authorize a resubmission if he/she believes the learner can improve upon the presented evidence without further guidance.
  • Resubmission is not an entitlement
  • Learners do not have to resubmit
  • Learners must resubmit their work within 10 working college days

If the learners resubmits but has still not achieved the pass grade

  • The Lead IV may authorize a retake opportunity
  • The retake must be a new task or assignment to cover only pass criteria
  • The retake represents the learns final opportunity to meet the assessment criteria
  • You may only retake one assignment on the entire course!!

If a learner misses the deadline for an assignment and there are no extenuating circumstances

  • Work will be assessed across the range of offered criteria providing it has been authenticated by the learner and confirmed by the assessor
  • There will be no resubmission or retake allowed




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