Level 3 Project resources

All your resources can be found here or on the situation board in T205.

Overall project timeline, Guide to what needs to be done with deadlines.

project gantt chart







1. Ensure you are filling out your progress log every week,

2. Fill out 3 project proposal forms, then get one approved at project proposal meeting.

4. Do significant research into your proposal looking at all aspects of the project and if it is viable. Below are a couple of examples and helpful information.
What is Research
Research outline and example

3. Create a project specification, excepted layout and information required are available here.
Project specification Guidelines overview
Project specification Guidelines

4. Present project specification to get it approved and further advice.

5. Gantt charts, they are needed and are a good source of planning guidance, here is the template i used feel free to adapt it and make it your own.project timeline

6. Ordering parts and components, find the components on the list of approved suppliers fill out a Project Components Order Form and add it to the list on the project board in T205.

Approved supplier list:
If you need something that can’t be found on these suppliers you need to talk to Karl Swithenbank about ordering from other websites although this will result in a long delay as it is very difficult to buy from other sources.



More to be added as we progress…..


Project Paperwork

Communications Unit 2 Evidence Requirements;


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