can i refinish first generation decking boards

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can i refinish first generation decking boards

The Evolution of the Deck Board | Wahoo Decks.27 Sep 2013 . The Early 1990s saw the birth of composite decking board (A Modern History of decking). This was due to scarcity of first generation trees and the backlash of boards made of less mature trees, which proved to be of poorer quality. Composite boards combine wood fiber with plastic, also known as WPCs. However, over time, even WPCs began to show sign of undesirable properties. WPCs were built from thermoplastics and wood flour often recycled which would .

How to SevenTrust & Maintain a Wood Deck - HomeTips.15 Jul 2016 . Expert advice on how to clean, SevenTrust, refinish and maintain a wood deck, including protecting against wood rot, how to acid wash a deck, and apply a finish to decking. . if nails or boards are popping up or coming loose, do not pound the old nails down again; remove them and replace them with longer nails, special decking nails, or decking screws. if any part . first use a leaf blower or broom to blow all of the debris off of the deck's surface and then wash the deck.

Choose the Right Deck Material - Wood or Synthetic.There are a couple other synthetic decking materials you may hear people talk about that are not stocked at Hingham Lumber for the reasons explained in the descriptions below. Composite decking ($) This was the first generation of synthetic decking. Because it does not have a plastic cap on it, it is very prone to staining and fading. in fact, you can count on it fading. PVC decking ($$$) There isn't any wood or composite material in the board but it is not as strong as the composite .

Can you stain composite decking ? Decking.2 Mar 2015 . The first step was cleaning this deck and after reading articles on deck stain procedures we realized our normal wood restoration process needed to be altered. The amount of pressure that is used needs to be kept to a minimum and the distance of the pressure washing tip needed to be at least 12" away. it is VERY EASY to create marks on this decking so always follow the length of the board. For more information on the Deck cleaning process view our other .

Another Refinishing Option for Composite Decking | Professional .18 Mar 2014 . UV exposure can cause a photochemical breakdown of the s used to manufacture composite decking. Over time, some decking surfaces erode enough that they can be easily gouged out with a fingernail. While decking manufacturers have made improvements to their products that provide longer-lasting color and better mechanical properties, there are thousands of older-generation vinyl- and WPC-based decks with significant fading and surface deterioration .

Composite Decking vs Wood - A Composite Decking Review,History .All the big companies, , Azek, Timber Tech and Fiberon, and Wolf, (i am sure i missed a few) now produce decking with a hard plastic shell bonded to the composite board. . These new capped composite products are still heavy, prone to a bit of noticeable sag between joists long term, but all in all, they age much more gracefully than the first generation material. ipe PVC decking on ipe floor ipe decking (PVC Composite) on real . Spray paint will be nearly impossible to remove.

Refinishing |Refresh and Refinish Decking | Deck Wizard.Deck refinishing. Over time, a deck can become stained, cracked, and suffer broken boards and other issues that make it an unusable eyesore. You could tear it down and build another, but we have a better solution! Deck Wizard can SevenTrust your deck and make it look better than new. Our deck refinishing and other processes can transform even badly damaged decksand you won't have to endure the hassle of starting from scratch. Deck Wizard has been in the home improvement .

How to Clean and Seal Composite Decking - SaverSystems.The first step is to clean the composite deck boards to remove any mildew, dirt, or stains that are currently on the deck. For cleaning, i highly recommend using a power washer on composite decks as opposed to just a garden hose and a scrub brush. A power washer will not only help get things cleaner than scrubbing by hand, but it will also do it much faster. Just remember, you can't remove anything left on the deck once the project is finished. So take your time to thoroughly clean the .

Refinishing your Deck? Prep for Success with these 12 Tips! UGL.5 Feb 2017 . Prior to power washing, sanding or scraping, all of which can release particulates into the air, ask a local building professional to help you assess the situation so you can take the proper precautions. . Whether you're performing annual maintenance and cleaning, or getting ready to undertake a major refinishing project, it's always a good idea to carefully inspect your deck, board by board, for damage inflicted by the elements, insects, or time itself. Grab a flashlight or .

Painting Composite Decking | Professional Deck Builder .1 May 2012 . it's possible, but check with the manufacturer first. . All the boards are peeling badly, and Eon is out of business. i thought this type of decking resisted peeling and fading. is there a . Wash and Sand first. Wash the decking and completely remove any grunge. if it's fairly clean to start with, hot water and liquid dish detergent will probably be adequate. if there's excessive build-up of dirt, use a composite-deck cleaner and follow the instructions. Let the surface dry fully.

Go From an Old Deck to New in 4 Steps | This Old House.Explains Starling, "Old wood can get thirsty. On some decks, i'll need to apply two or three coats of stain in order to get a uniform finish." Subsequent coats should be applied while the first coat is still wet or they will not be absorbed into the wood. Stain won't peel, but it can wear away, especially in high-traffic areas. Starling recommends applying a fresh coat every other year. A clear water repellent can be applied between stainings for extra protection. pouring paint. Mesh filters (about .

Natural Weathering to Expect with Early Generation . - Decking.While our newer high-performance composites fight weather and age with a protective shell, our early-generation composite deck boardsproducts such as Accents<sup> </sup>, Origins<sup> </sup>, Contours<sup> </sup>, Profiles<sup> </sup> and Brasilia<sup> </sup>experience a weathering process that's completely natural. Typically 12-16 weeks after installation, an early-generation composite deck will fade to a lighter color, (see color swatches below). These decks are also susceptible to mold and mildew if&nbsp;.

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